IMG_20170928_152348_130Hi, I’m Danielle, and creating delicious gluten free food is my passion.

In 2013, I followed my doctor’s advice and tried eliminating gluten from my diet. I have never looked back.

After years of being sick and not knowing why, my doctor suggested I try removing gluten from my diet (again – I had tried it once when I was 15) to see if I would feel better. The changes over the next months were a huge relief. No more hives or stomach sickness, it drastically reduced my migraines – even the cramping I would feel in my hands and blamed on work (I was a makeup artist at the time, so LOTS of hand motions as you can imagine!) had diminished. I knew I could never go back to eating gluten, but I really missed all of the delicious treats I had been raised with!

Since I was a child, I have collected old cookbooks. I found them fascinating – the way the recipes read like paragraphs and they don’t actually tell you important details, just assuming you know them already…quantities, temperatures, who needs those?! Their bindings, the quality of the paper, how all-encompassing and thick the volumes were, and the old pictures. Especially those! I grew up making recipes from those precious books, and a little gluten intolerance wasn’t going to stop me. So I started going through my collection, making recipes that have been updated for modern kitchens and of course, made gluten free.

I hope you enjoy making (and eating!) these recipes.

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A word to the wise about my recipes – I don’t always indicate that every ingredient is gluten free, because I think it can become repetitive. If I’m saying “flour” and not being specific, use any gluten free blend you like. If I’m saying “soy sauce,” I am trusting you to choose a version that is gluten free. As such, if you don’t choose gluten free ingredients, these recipes could be made with gluten. However, ALL of my photos, and recipes, are for gluten free food that I have made. Occasionally I will mention a specific brand or product if I feel that it improves the recipe, or is required to get a certain result – but for the most part I am assuming that you know what brands and products you can safely eat. If you have any questions on anything or need any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll point you in the right direction. 🙂

Happy baking/cooking/eating!